What can Take Your Marks do for you?
If you are a swimmer that regularly competes at swim meets then you'll find the services provided by TYM very useful. Use TYM to record and graph your meet results, maintain your best times, and set your goals.
My results database
- Create a new meet and add your results to your own personal database
- Your best times will be automatically updated
- Enter and graph your splits
- View a meet performance analysis including best time, goal time, and last swum time comparisons
- Automatically save your meet results (including splits!) from a meet results file that you upload
meet performance analysis
maintain best times
My best times
- Maintain your best times for all strokes/distances
- Store best times for 25m, 50m, 25y, and 33.3m courses
- Best times are automatically updated as your meet results are entered
My goals
- Maintain your swimming goal times for any stroke/distance/course combination
- Specify goal time, goal date, and goal reason
- Use these goal times to decide what events you should enter at your next meet
- Goals will be randomly displayed as a reminder
Graph my results
- Visually see how your times are trending
- Observe your seasonal performance fluctuations
- Your goal times are displayed on the same graph as your results
- Print it out
graph results
Convert times
- Simple but useful tool to convert a time from one course length to another
- Convert between 25m, 50m, 25y, and 33.3m courses
There is so much more in the pipeline for Take Your Marks to help you in the pursuit of your swimming goals, so watch this space!